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On Bill Cosby

January 21, 2016

I think I believe, yeah, Bill Cosby messed with some women back in the 60’s and 70’s. He was a REALLY REALLY famous, REALLY smokin’ hot guy. But that’s because ALL men, not gay, with a functioning penis and any iota of power or influence messed with single, attractive women in the 60’s and 70’s for breakfast. It was Bond. It was Captain Kirk. It was Elvis. It was savvy. It was male, it was glorified. It was an expected part of socializing. Look at the ridiculous way Larry Tate acted across from anything less than 40 in a skirt in Bewitched – remember? It was so ubiquitous, that our mothers always warned us to make sure as unmarried ladies that we were never anywhere NEAR where men were known to congregate or frequent PERIOD. No visiting bars, clubs, restaurants, or even walking on the street in the evening unaccompanied. No parties unchaperoned. Many bars would not allow unaccompanied women, because they were automatically considered prostitutes. We could not wear flashy jewelry, or colors, suggestive hairstyles, too high heels, bright make up, tight or revealing clothing or bare legs. Even traveling alone was not respectable. The flip side of that was that it was nearly impossible that a young, single, unaccompanied respectable woman would be found anywhere near a hotel, a party, or a club back in the 60’s, and particularly if there were men, and any time after dark. Actresses and entertainers had it tough as they often needed to be there for professional reasons (so they could be felt up and sexually preyed upon with impunity by men with power), but they either knew or soon learned to their despair that success meant forgoing reputation, and that the casting couch, date rape, and objectification were all just part of the price of success in those fields for women back then (which our mamas told us to stay away from for this very reason). I am equally certain that with the overarching racism rampant in the period, when I-SPY was BLACKED OUT in southern markets because Cosby and Culp shared a hotel room, ate together in restaurants, or traveled in the same class or conveyance IN THE FRICKIN’ SHOW!!!, that IF Cosby is guilty of something, whatever Cosby may have done, he could ONLY have done it LESS, and to a LESSER DEGREE than those around him (the Black man could not have the “best” of anything back then) and if with white women ONLY with their TOTAL and FULL consent (a white woman yells “rape” while in the company of a Black man in the ’60s, the NATIONAL GUARD arrives), and at all times with MUCH greater discretion, AND THE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THE WHITE MEN AROUND HIM. Which means the full knowledge of the ladies. You cannot change history “victims” – you can just conveniently upgrade and update your sad story to get your 5 minutes of fame. Sorry, just would have been that way, back then.


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  1. January 21, 2016 17:42

    uh….can I have a paragraph……or maybe a larger font……

    .uh I was thinkin a similar notion about all violent criminals…..that maybe the harshness and coldness of our society produces these violent people so inasmuch as we allow people to be victimized by injustice we deserve the violent individuals it creates….then I sed nah…….

  2. January 21, 2016 17:52

    I believe sir, if you hit the command key on your keyboard simultaneously with the “+” sign, embiggens your browser window, and therefor the font.

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